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28 October 2015 | Amazing photos homepage blog

I subsist, in healthy — or unhealthy — measure, on a daily diet of images. We all do. As they say, I “eat images for breakfast”. Over morning coffee, I devour three printed newspapers, and as a photographer and visual artist those morning broadsheets are just the beginning. Most days, it’s not until I close my eyes that the feast finishes.

The connected world fires atop an endless spew of images: consider that 500 years of YouTube video are watched every day on FaceBook alone. The sheer volume of image exchange awards it a cult status as a language. Images, globally proliferated at will with the aid of technology, are a sort of code intended to convey imagination and ideas. Yet as we view images, they necessarily pass through our own filters of experience, identity, imagination and memory. Messages are sent, and received, but often not interpreted as intended.

I think about this fact all day long as I consume images. I pause to examine interesting photographs, and pause longer with those that somehow ‘land’ in interesting ways. Sometimes, it’s the combination of the selections that create a sort of alternative story.

Below is the first of what I intend as a weekly curation of 5 Amazing Photos of the Week. The images are mostly culled from the internet. Occasionally, I might publish my own. The authors and publishers are credited as found online. I choose not to caption the photos, to let them speak on their own, but you can click through to read more about them if you wish.

I have selected these visuals because of their power, and because I wonder about the universality of their power.

I hope you enjoy!


Photo by Alexandre Meneghini / Reuters / Landov Published on CNN Week in Photos.

Photograph: Al Bello/Getty Images. Published by The Guardian.

Photo by Paul Tharpa / Katmandu Today/AP Published on CNN Week in Photos

Photo by JR for the New York Times.

Photography by Yacine Ait Kaci (@elyxyak) on instagram

This post was first published on Executive Lifestyle Magazine and has been reposted on Martha Chaudhry blog with the permission of the author.

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