5 Amazing Photos Of The Week Part 2

28 October 2015 | Amazing photos homepage blog

I have loved being a photographer for the past nearly two decades: a second career that I never anticipated that began with darkroom alchemy and continued with digital magic. My journey with images is a mirror not only of me and my experiences, but of the hundreds and thousands whom I’ve had the joy of working with and photographing.

Projection, deflection, adornment, posturing– these human responses take me into my clients, beyond smiling for the camera, and help me to ‘unpack’ the real people I work with. It is the invitation and the earned capacity to see through the lens into the person that makes this job such a pleasure.

The images in this week’s selection grab me for many reasons, not least for their messages of projection, deflection, adornment, and posturing. The image of the woman with her ‘reborn’ babies moves me in particular. As a mother, an adoptive mother, and a photographer of families– the existence of her chosen sub-culture gives me long pause for thought.

Enjoy the photos and the weekend!


Published on Beautifuldecay. Photos by Davis Ayer

Published on Nytimes Shot by Aline Smithson

Published on The Guardian Shot by Niranjan Shrestha/AP

Published on Nytimes photos by Rebecca Martinez

Published by CNN photo by Vlad Sokhin

This post was first published on Executive Lifestyle Magazine and has been reposted on Executive Lifestyle with the permission of the author.

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