Martha Chaudhry’s Personalised Family Art – Featured In Expat Living Magazine

12 November 2015 | Amazing photos

Professional Photographer  Martha Chaudhry’s beautiful work was showcased in Expat Living’s feature Balinese Beauty, covering the gorgeous, Bali-inspired, Palladino family home.

The Art section of the feature boasted Martha’s incredible talents in the following excerpt:

“Like the rest of this home, the art collection is a wonderfully varied mix of the antique and the contemporary. As with the furniture, there’s far too much to list here; I’m especially struck, though, by two huge monochromatic works by acclaimed Chinese artist Qiu Zhie that hang in one elegant and minimally furnished ante-room.

The family’s latest proud acquisition, however, is a piece of bespoke “photographic weaving”, commissioned from one of Denise’s friends, the photographer Martha Chaudhry. Having first asked her client to provide up to 20 photographs from special times in her, her husband and their four children’s lives together, Martha came up with a compositional design for approval, and then literally wove the photographs together. The result is an evocative, artistic and emotionally satisfying whole.

“It was just so appropriate,” as Denise says – “this blended artwork to represent our blended family.”

Visit Martha Chaudhry Photography page to find out more about Martha’s work.

This story first appeared in the October 2015 edition of Expat Living Magazine and has been reposted on Executive Lifestyle with the permission of the contributor.

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