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The Art of Family

A few years ago, I began to pay attention to regular feedback I was hearing from my clients, because I agreed so much with it.  While they expressed love for the family portraits I created for them, they lamented that static family portraits just can’t possibly convey the breadth and depth of their experiences together and deep relationships. My clients are typically global families, who have had exceptional journeys. Often they are blended families. Some are blended culturally, with children from more than one partner, spouses from differing cultures, or children who are adopted. Most have lived in multiple countries. Importantly, almost always my my clients possess extensive, personal photographic archives which illustrate their lives and stories, and they want to do something with them. Something extraordinary. Something stunning, and worthy of their journeys, and their families. Something to bring together a picture of their experiences, to capture their spirit, and the essence of their family life.

My clients believe, as I do, that their families are their greatest works of art. They want to create a showpiece that speaks to that conviction.

My work addresses this desire. I create custom, works of personalized fine art for my clients derived from their own images. The works are carefully conceived in consultation with the families I create for. They are deeply personal, nuanced pieces that weave the stories and iconic moments of my clients’ journeys. They are designed for specific spaces in their homes around the globe. They are showpiece, legacy works for generations to enjoy.