The Art of Family

I have spent the primary part of my 20-year photographic career working with families posing and playing in front of my lens. My portrait work has won multiple awards, and I have been privileged to work with hundreds of fascinating, complex and wonderful families on three continents. Many have become friends, and many have had long, winding, and exceptional journyes. All of them are growing up and growing older alongside their loved ones. My experience working with families, many of whom  return for portraits again and again over the course of years, revealed an often-echoed problem that my clients feel, and that I do as well. For many people, myself included, the family portrait is a starting point only. While lovely, it is definitionally static, and is a singular rather than comprehensive testament to a family’s complex journey.

What many of my clients desire is a nuanced, deeply personal and totally unique work of family-based art. I create these, from my client’s own photographs. The design-based solutions are as numerous as the individuals who commission them. For some families, a conceptual photo wall, comprised of archival as well as commissioned photographed curated to tell a story about the family is the solution. For others, a one-of-a kind photographic work that integrates family members through time lapse, creative interjection or other ways is created to assume pride of place in their home. For all, the desire is a stunning, showpiece of art that hangs as testament to the complex and wonderful relationships of a family, a legacy homage to a family’s interwoven journey together.

I have spent the past few years developing designs and concepts for personalised, family art commissions. Working very closely with my clients, I create with their input as well as their archives.  These works draw on my skills as both a fine artist and professional photographer. It is difficult to categorize these works, but in the galleries below I have attempted to do so in broad strokes.


Family Photo Weavings


Family Story Installations


Custom Family Art


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