Customized Art

Some of my clients express a desire to move beyond expected family portraiture. They commission me to create unique, photographic artworks based on images of their family. The concepts for these works vary greatly; from a time-lapse series of layered images selectively pieced together to multi-media works created from iconic and archival family photos, I provide a service for these discerning and passionate clients that elevates their family’s history and memorabilia to high art. The works happen in close consultation. During initial discussions I pay very careful attention to a client’s aesthetic sense as well as to their conceptual idea, familial history, journey and relationships.  I draw upon my long creative experience and fine art background to create powerful, beautiful visual works that integrate, and are testament to their lives. The resulting installations are gallery-worthy, legacy artworks deeply personal and one of a kind.

Below are some examples of Customized Photo Art installations that are a sample of the type of conceptual work I create for individual clients and their families.  The works are created from selected photographs in a family’s own archives. The process and framework for each commissioned piece varies as much as the clients do. These are legacy pieces, that take pride of place in clients’ homes,  and which generations will keep as artistic testaments to their familial history.