Family Photo Weavings

I believe that most people have the treasures of their life’s journeys in their own photographic archives. While I can create beautiful, commissioned portraits for individuals and families, I cannot be there throughout the years capturing the most poignant moments of a family’s life. The advent of smartphones has made us all photographers. We all have our most fabulous and important memories buried in our digital, and sometimes analogue, photographs.

In response to laments of many of my long term clients, my new work draws on my skills as a fine artist, and on families’ own photographs as raw material. In close consultation with my clients, I create stunning, customized works of art from the visual records of their lives. No longer need a family display a jumbled cluster of frames with scattered memories about the house, or hide their family memories on a back-of-house photo wall seldom to be viewed. My clients often have multiple homes in various locations, and care deeply about the design and beauty of them.  Most have had exceptional global journeys, with deep and layered memories of the adventures of their lives. I design custom works of art made of selections from a family’s own photographs. These gallery-worthy pieces elevate the family’s journey to the place of high art it rightfully deserves.

Ingveld final pre frame

Palladino pic only installed