Family Story Installations

Collections of images have the ability to tell a broader story of a family than a single portrait. When I work with families, I am always careful to design our conversations so that I can get a clear idea of what they desire from my work. Often my clients want a result beyond a static family portrait. One solution is to create a show wall, an installation of photographs curated to speak of a family’s journey. Such installations can come in many forms, from traditional framing compositions to my signature, organic ‘pod’ structure made from up-cycled shipping crates. They might incorporate existing images from a family’s own archives as well as some that I shoot for them. These installations collectively capture a family’s identity, and heartbeat.

In designing these works, I pay very careful attention to a client’s tastes, lifestyle, family composition and living space. The process is detailed, and can involved planning and completing more than one photo shoot, as well as curating archives to find the images that work together in the installation. A variety of materials and design concepts form the base of the project, which always results in a completely custom work of installed art that tells a story.



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