'Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home'  ~Matsuo Basho


My approach to life is multi-faceted, and the breadth of my photographic work reveals this. I work in genres that reflect deep commitment to family, creative endeavor, social justice and art. Please click on any of the thumbnails below to view a selection of work that is roughly themed into five categories; a glimpse of some past assignments, together a COLLECTION.


A few years ago, I began to pay attention to regular feedback I was hearing from my clients, because I agreed so much with it. While they expressed love for the family portraits I created for them, they lamented that static family portraits just can’t possibly convey the breadth and depth of their experiences together and reflect their deep relationships. All of my clients possess extensive, personal photographic archives which illustrate their lives and stories, and they want to do something with them. Something extraordinary. Something stunning, and worthy of their journeys, and their families.

My clients believe, as I do, that their families are their greatest works of art. They long for a way to excavate treasured photos from their hiding places in computers, phones and shoe boxes, and to somehow create a showpiece work of art from them that does justice to their journey.

I now create custom works of personalized fine art for my clients derived from their own images. The works – their concepts, materials and design — are carefully conceived in consultation with the families I create them for. They are deeply personal, nuanced pieces of installed art that sometimes literally interweave the stories and iconic moments of my clients’ journeys. They are designed for specific spaces in their homes around the globe. They are showpiece, legacy works for generations to enjoy. The Art of Family. Please click to see some examples.

Welcome to My World

…And thank you for visiting my website! I am a professional photographer and photographic fine artist who has spent more than twenty years working, living and volunteering in Asia. I specialize in family portraits, corporate portraits, small business branding photography, and custom, photographic fine art that is created from your own photographs. My portrait photographs and custom art commissions have won me many referrals, multiple awards, and treasured friends on three continents.

These days we are all bombarded by visual imagery. It is a relevant question to ask: How does the work of a professional photographer add value considering the glut of photos I have on my smartphone? This is a question I wrestle with daily, it informs my commercial photography as well as my photographic fine art, and it is a huge part of what motivates me to create exceptional work.

Part of the answer lies in ‘experience’: my experience with my craft, as well as the experience that I create for my clients when I make images for them.

I have deep experience as a photographer; I have owned and run a professional studio in several countries for twenty-two years. My work has won multiple awards, and I have been very fortunate to have worked with incredibly diverse subjects around the world: I’ve had the incredible responsibility of photographing victims of sex trafficking in rural Cambodia, as well as the privilege of capturing industry titans and their families aboard super-yachts in Hong Kong.

The diversity of these assignments has taught me to tend to the experience that my clients have during a photo shoot above all else. Their experience is a cornerstone of the value that I create – it is what can’t be gleaned from a smartphone selfie – and it is vital to the results. To authentically relate to people, to put them at ease and genuinely enjoy my time with them, is not something that all photographers do. In fact I think it’s pretty rare, which is why many people fear and loathe professional photography sessions.

I offer you experience, on many levels, and welcome the chance to talk further about your image needs, and photographic desires.

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