Martha Chaudhry

Martha’s portrait photographs and family art commissions have won accolades and multiple awards. Twenty years a commercial photographer in the Asia Pacific, her contemporary approach to business and family photography is rooted in storytelling and sought by clients throughout the region. As an artist, Martha’s raw material is mined from the existing global archive of images. Her most recent work explores the 1896 early photographs that illustrate the first edition of the International Cloud Atlas.

Martha combines her skills in photography and fine art practice to create custom works of family fine art for clients incorporating their own photographic archives meaninfully into the work. Beyond family portraiture, these pieces interweave the journeys and vital stories of families or business entities, resulting in showpieces of deeply meaningful and personal nature. On these commissioned works, Martha collaborates with others in the creative industry on design and installation, to ensure a gallery-worthy art piece that assumes pride of place in a home or office. Martha holds a Master of Fine Arts (MAFA) from LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore (Goldsmith’s London), holds licentiate qualifications with the Master Photographer’s Association (MPA) in the U.K., and trained as a photographer in the US, UK, Canada, Spain and Singapore.  Her studio  Martha Chaudhry Photography was founded in 1997. Martha has participated in many group exhibitions in Singapore, China and Hong Kong over the past twenty years.


‘We’ve all heard that the unexamined life is not worth living… but consider too that the unlived life is not worth examining.’
~Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way


Martha believes her talents and work can be harnessed to assist others, and bring awareness to issues of social justice. Over the years she has used her professional skills to accomplish deep work in Cambodia in particular, as well as Singapore and Pakistan. In 2011 Martha was featured in Channel NewsAsia’s documentary series Asia Exposed 2, where her portrait and storytelling skills were employed to draw attention to the travesty of child sex trafficking in southeast Asia.

Her studio is in a metal factory in Geylang, Singapore.